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Silica Fume,Fly ash, Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag, and Natural Pozzolans (such as calcined shale, calcined clayor metakaolin) are materials that, when used in conjunction with portland or blended cement, contribute to the properties of the hardened concrete through hydraulic orpozzolanic activity or both. A pozzolan is asiliceous or aluminosiliceous material that, in finely divided form and in the presence of moisture, chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide released by the hydration of portland cement to form calcium silicate hydrate and other cementitious compounds. Pozzolans and slags are generally catergorized as supplementary cementitious materials or mineral admixtures.

The practice of using supplementary cementitious materials in concrete mixtures has been growing since the 1970s. There are similarities between many of these materials in that most are by-products of other industrial processes; their judicious use is desirable not only from the national environmental and energy conservation stand point but also for the technical benefits they provide concrete. Supplementary cementitious materials are added to concrete as part of the total cementitious system. They may be used in addition to or as a partial replacement of Portland cement or blended cement in concrete, depending on the properties of the materials and the desired effect on concrete. Supplementary cementitious materials are used to improve a particular concrete property, such as resistance to alkali-aggregate reactivity. The optimum amount to use should be established by testing to determine whether the material is indeed improving the property, and the correct dosage rate, as an overdose or underdose can be harmful or not achieve the desired effect. Supplementary cementitious materials also react differently with different cements.

Traditionally, fly ash, slag, calcined clay, calcined shale, and silica fume were used in concrete individually. Today, due to improved access to these materials, concrete producer scan combine two or more of these materials to optimize concrete properties. Mixtures using three cementitious materials, called ternary mixtures, are becoming more common.

Supplementary Cementitious Materials are used in at least 80% of ready mixed concrete where HIGH QUALITY concrete is required.